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Monsters and Mythology of Greenland

For schools and children of all ages!

  • 1 hour
  • Travelling talk

Workshop descritption

Can you outrun a Qivittoq/mountain-walker? Is a tupilak more than just Instagram-worthy windowsilldecorations? Is a ghost always dangerous? And how do you become a modern day Monster-Hunter?? Maria will talk about her own background and where the interest in monsters began, about the making of the book "Bestiarium Groenlandica - an illustrated handbook about Greenlandic mythical creatures, spirits and animals" as well has her new book "Mythical Monsters of Greenland - a mini survival guide for the arctic explorer" - and why a good scare is essential during the long winter months in the Arctic! She will talk about the most famous of Greenlandic mythical creatures such as Sassuma Arnaa/ The Mother of the Sea, the Mountain Walker, the Sun and the Moon and many others, and how the tupilakwent from feared vengeance monster to fabulous merchandise. The mythical creatures are an aperitif to Greenlandic culture and history, and the aim of the lecture is to create interest in Greenland and whet the appetite to know much more. Maria Kreutzmann is a writer, illustrator, Monster Hunter and lecturer, born and raised in Greenland, where she has been terrified and entertained by tales of Greenlandic mythical characters throughout her life. She now lives in Nuuk, where she works with illustration and cultural dissemination. Prior to the lecture, Maria will contact the organiser so that the lecture can be targeted to the audience present. The lecture can be adapted to children of all school-ages, as well as upper secondary education. There will be time for questions at the end.

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