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Welcome to Greenland

What is essential knowledge when moving to Greenland?

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Nuuk, GL

Workshop descritption

Coming in 2022! This humorous workshop is a 2½ hour crash course in cultural etiquette and manners, and will make the transition to a life in the Artic a little smoother. The workshop are for the foreign workers, who have just arrived in the capital of Greenland. What is essentiel to know, when living and working in Greenland as a foreigner? What are the cultural differences between Denmark and Greenland? What is a kaffemik? And why is a cucumber so expensive? Ujammiugaq and Robin explain and walk your team through the ins and outs of Greenlandic culture, so there is not so much slipping on the ice along the way! The workshop is available in Danish or English Only available in Nuuk, Greenland (50 people or less)

Inquire about price and availabilty

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