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Glaciem   housE

House of Icy Curiosities from Greenland

Glaciem House was founded in 2017, and is a House of Icy Experiences from Greenland. We offer dissemination of Greenlandic culture and history, providing consultation, talks, workshops, books and more. 

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We strive to disseminate Greenlandic and Artic culture and history, to teach others about life in the North, both then and now.


We believe that the dissemination of Greenlandic culture and history,

is important to better the understanding of the Arctic way of life. 



CEO & Founder of Glaciem House

Author/Illustrator/Monster Hunter

Maria was born and raised in the capital of Nuuk, and from a young age she's had a tender heart for the monsters to be found in Greenlandic mythology, as well as movies and books. 

She graduated with a BAC in 3D Computer Graphics Design from The Animation Workshop in 2012, and worked in the VFX-industry until 2017, when she moved back to Greenland to pursue her dream of hunting Greenlandic mythological monsters. She founded Glaciem House, and has written two books about the mythical creatures.

You can find the books in the shop. 

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Maria Kreutzmann standing in front of statue of Sassuma Arnaa
Maria Kreutzmann holding a greenlandic mythical creature
Historian Ujammiugaq Engell
Historian Ujammiugaq Engell and Monster Hunter Maria Kreutzmann


Historical Consultant/Workshop Provider

Historian/Queen of Cultural Knowledge

Ujammiugaq was born and raised in the capital of Nuuk, where she now lives with her family.

She has a Masters from the University of Copenhagen, where she specialized in Dissiminetation of History, turning dusty words into colorful stories and fantastic tales.


She is a passionate storyteller and edutainer, and has always had a particular interest in the sagas and myths of Greenland, as well as the history of the Danish Commonwealth. She has written introduction-chapters about the history of Greenland and the mythical monsters in both "Bestiarium Groenlandica" and "Mythical Monsters of Greenland" which can both be found in the shop. 

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Robin Hillestrøm
viking ship


Historical Consultant/Workshop Provider

Historian/Imported Viking

Robin was born in Nordsjælland in Denmark, but moved to Greenland in 2017, after being drawn ever closer his whole life.

He studied History at the University of Denmark, and now studies Culture and Modern History at the University of Greenland/Ilisimatusarfik. 

Robin lives in Nuuk with his family, where he enjoys the weather and the wonderful views, while he wonders how the past can be shared to make it relevant, and help us better understand each other and the world around us. 

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