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Need info about greenlandic culture, history or mythos for your project?

  • History of Religion in Greenland; Inuit/SILA, Christianity and more

  • Monsters and Mythology; not just ghouls, but there will be ghosts 

  • Inuit History

  • Colonial History

    • History of the Danish Commonwealth​​​

  • Recent History; The modern Greenland and all it contains

    • Modern Culture; more than Drumdancing​

    • Building Greenland; Innovators, fishieries and highrises 

  • History of the Norse settlers // VIKINGS in Greenland

  • WW2 in Greenland; Being the CENTER of the Atlantic Ocean​

    • Friendship with The United States, and the american SPACE FORCE in Greenland

Looking for another subject or Want to hear about pricing and more?

Are you writing a novel or making a movie about, or in, Greenland? Do you need info on a specific historic event, timeperiod or cultural practice? 


The history of Greenland is vast - and sometimes complicated - and we strive to disseminate it, whatever kind of shape your project might have.

Our professionally qualified historians have broad knowledge and researchskills, and will ensure to give your project the best foundation. 

Here are some of the subjects we are frequently consulted about:

Expanding your cultural knowledge for a group?

Check out our 

Looking for more about MONSTERS?

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"I was fortunate enough to discover Maria Kreutzmann and Ujammiugaq Engell through their videos and work on the fantastic book Mythical Monsters of Greenland. I would not be able to write a story set in Nuuk without their help - their consultation not only clarified Greenland of the present, it has clarified for me so much of the countries history. Whatever it is you need to know about Greenland, these two are your ace in the hole. Both bring immense knowledge and personal experience, and truly my book would not be possible without them. Look no further for consultants, you’ve found two great ones right here!"

Tillie Walden

Comic Book Artist

Clementine Book II

The Walking Dead

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