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Maria Kreutzmann in front of the statue of Sassuma Arnaa

Mythical Monsters of GREENLAND

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This lecture is for companies both in and outside Greenland, such as private companies, public companies and institutions, and organizations with an interest in Greenland. It can be both a talks for people who have just moved to Greenland, or for a company event.

Can you outrun a Qivittoq/Mountain Walker? Is a Tupilak more than just an Instagram-worthy windowsill decoration? Is a ghost always dangerous? 


As Greenland and the Arctic have become more prominent on the world map, interest in the Commonwealth is growing, and the dissemination of the Greenlandic mythical creatures are a taste of some of the things that can be experienced on the world's largest island. Many of the Greenlandic mythical creatures have undergone major changes over time to adapt to a modern Greenland, that is currently in the process of rediscovering itself.


Maria will talk about her own background and where her interest in monsters began, the genesis of the books "Bestiarium Groenlandica" and "Mythical Monsters of Greenland", the difference between the books, how to actually catch monsters in modern Greenland - and why a good scare is essential during the long winter months in the Arctic! She will talk about the most famous of the Greenlandic mythical creatures such as the Mother of the Sea, the Mountain Walker, the Sun and Moon and many others, and how the Tupilak went from feared revenge monster to fabulous merchandise.


The Mythical Creatures is an aperitif to Greenlandic culture and history, and the aim of the talk is to generate interest in Greenland and whet your appetite to know more.

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  • Available in Danish and English

  • 1½ - 2 Hours
     Can be extended or shortened, depending on need

  • Can be a travelling Lecture/Talk
    Primarily in Greenland and Denmark, but can be abroad as well

  • Available as an online Lecture/Talk 

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