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Bestiarium Groenlandica

an illustrated guide to the mythical creatures, spirits and animals of Greenland

The world of Greenlandic mythology is inhabited by creatures that have played a vital role in Inuit beliefs and stories throughout the ages. 

The Bestiarium is a collection of what is generally known about 67 of these diverse beings, spirits, and animals. Their stories are gritty, cruel, and reflect the harsh landscape and lifestyle of ancient Greenland. Descriptions are paired with illustrations by contemporary Greenlandic and Nordic illustrators, that transport these mythological beings into the 21st Century.

Bestiarium Groenlandica book frontpage

The preface chapter "A brief history of Greenland" written by historian Ujammiugaq Engell and the chapter "Shamans, witches and witchcraft" by Robin Hillestrøm, launches the reader into the ancient world of Greenland, and shows how myths and legends told generation after generation, can mould and depict a place that was dark and grim and mischievous, yet lively and full of natural wonders.

Written by Maria B. Kreutzmann

Illustrated by Agust Kristinsson, Carina Løvgreen, Christian Fleischer Rex, Coco A. Lynge,

Jonatan Brüsch, Maja-Lisa Kehlet, Martin Brandt Hansen and Maria B. Kreutzmann.

Practical Info

Publisher: Milik Publishing

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Weight: 730 g

H/W/D: 255 x 202 x 20 mm

Availabe languages: English/Greenlandic/Danish

>> Content Warning: explicit nudity and mentions of sexual violence <<

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